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JANUARY 13, 2011, 1:30-3:30 PM





The meeting was called to order at 1:33 PM by Vice-chairperson Ross Reid


Members in Attendance: Susan Bradley, Ross Reid, Ted Carter, Terry Ferebee, Roger Svendsen, Eunice Michalka, Donald Rogers, and Lucille Schmitt


Members Excused Absences. All other members had excused absences.


Larimer County Representation: Rob Helmick, LARCO Planning


Guests Present: Pat Bradley, Stephen Johnson, Judy Viola and Tom Viola


Adoption of Agenda: The Environmental Learning Center discussion was moved from 3rd place to 1st place on the agenda.  The remaining agenda was approved as written.


Approval of Minutes: October 14, 2010 minutes, as amended, were approved. 


Communications from Committee Members :


Ross Reid advised that Gene Barker resigned from the RFLPAC, effective immediately. 


Ross Reid introduced Don Roger, as the new RFLPAC member.  Don stated that he has lived in the area since 1999 and current is employed by Fox Acres Mountain Resort Community and resides in Crystal Lakes.  Don has a Colorado Water and Waste Water license which allows him to operate a Water and Waste Water Plant. 


Lucille Schmitt advised that she has spoken to several individuals pertaining to high speed internet for RFL and will have more information for the February 2011 meeting. 


Ted Carter asked the RFLPAC to either shut off their cell phones or put them on vibrate during PAC meetings. 


Communications from County Representatives : Rob Helmick advised that the Saw Mill Junction project is back on track.  With 2 vacancies on the RFLPAC, Rob encouraged board members to recruit eligible person to submit their applications for RFLPAC membership.







Comments from the Audience :


Judy Viola recommended that the PAC speak with the Library Director concerning broadband internet services.  Additionally, Judy advised that during her interactions with Poudre R-1 School District staff and the staff recommended “branding” the Red Feather Lakes Elementary school.  The Red Feather Lakes Elementary school is the first school in Colorado to be certified for teaching “Project Learning Tree.”  Judy referred RFLPAC members to an article authored by Stephen Clearheart Johnson that appeared in the January 2001 North Forty News, page 3.


Action Item:


1.    Election of Offices


Chair: Eunice Michalka nominated Roger Svendsen as Chair, Red Feather Lakes Planning Advisory Committee.  His nomination was seconded by Terry Ferebee.  All RFLPAC members approved the nomination and Roger accepted the nomination.


Vice-chair: Lucille Schmitt nominated Ross Reid as Vice-chair, Red Feather Lakes Planning Advisory Committee.  His nomination was seconded by Eunice Michalka.  All RFLPAC members approved the nomination and Ross accepted the nomination.


Secretary: Susan Bradley nominated Terry Ferebee as Secretary, Red Feather Lakes Planning Advisory Committee.  His nomination was seconded by Eunice Michalka.  All RFLPAC members approved the nomination and Terry accepted the nomination. 


2.    Posting of meetings in compliance with open meetings law.


Roger Svendsen made the following motion:  “I move that the Red Feather Lakes Planning Advisory Committee designate the Oak Street entrance to the Larimer County Courthouse as the public posting place for notices of all official actions and public meetings in accordance with the requirements of the Colorado Open Meetings law (CRS 24-6-402)” This motion was seconded by Lucille Schmitt. All RFLPAC members approved the motion.




1.    Environmental Learning Center: Judy and Tom Viola provided the RFLPAC an update pertaining to the Red Feather Lakes Environmental Learning Center.  The aforementioned name has been changed to Soaring Eagle Ecology Center (SEEC) at Red Feather Lakes.  “Eagle” is the mascot for the Red Feather Lakes Elementary School.  The SEEC is committed to providing outdoor educational classes that integrate reading, writing, math and science with an understanding of our natural environment.  The SEEC Board of Directors started meeting in September 2010 and has approved the articles of incorporation, the bylaws, the vision statement and the mission statement.


The proposed SEEC vision: To inspire and facilitate children of all ages to learn about, enjoy and encourage responsible stewardship of the environment.


The proposed SEEC mission: To offer hands-on, outdoor education to promote understanding and appreciation of the natural world.


SEEC has received its Employee Identification Number, is incorporated with the Colorado Secretary of State, Business Division, is registered with the Colorado Secretary of State, Charitable Division and IRS form 1023 has been completed and will be mailed in the near future for 501-c-3 status. 


The leased land to be used by SEEC is land adjacent and behind RFL Elementary School and there is access to National Forest and Wetlands.  The land has an access road and is handicapped accessible.  The Board of Directors is in the process of getting surveys and meeting insurance needs. 


During the next phase of this project, SEEC Board will be writing grants to construct a small outdoor amphitheater for group discussions and demonstrations and to construct 2-3 small open air outdoor classroom pavilions for focused activities and to provide cover for inclement weather. 


Tom Viola advised that SEEC is seeking monetary donations to assist with this project and if any citizen is interested in donating money to SEEC, please get in contact with either Judy or Tom Viola. 


2.    Update on road centerline survey completed survey copy for Red Feather Library: Rob Helmick advised that the survey has been completed and recorded.


3.    Water/Waste Water Subcommittee Report: The PAC revisited a discussion in a prior meeting concerning the Storage and Irrigation Company and RFLPAC working on the RFL water and waste water situation.  Ted Carter advised that he may not be able to attend subcommittee meeting for the next couple of months.  Roger Svendsen volunteered to Chair the Water/Waste Water Subcommittee during Ted’s absence. 


RFLPAC meeting adjourned at 3:20 PM; Next regular meeting: February 10, 2011


Submitted by Terry Ferebee

Background Image: Cirque Meadows by Adam Johnson. All rights reserved.